TRDP Happy World Private Limited
Joshi Chauhan, Sonipat, Haryana

Company Brief

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Just as we strive to make our home we dwell in more beautiful, comfortable and safe in every small way possible, we should attempt the same for the society we live in. It is our abode in the larger perspective – the fact that every one of us should understand and work his/her bit to make society better.

TRDP has always been committed towards the welfare of the society ever since its existence. Here, is TRDP contributing its little efforts with "Tej Ram Dharam Paul Charitable Trust". Founded in 1999, it undertakes various charitable activities conducted by the company. The Trust operates a Non-Profit Organization, 'Dharamshala' throughout the year at holy places like Haridwar in Utaranchal and Punjab, serving the innumerable pilgrims to visit the pious destinations and assist them during the pilgrimage.

Besides this, TRDP also engages in the noble cause of aiding the sick and poor & deprived children by donating massively in hospitals and NGOs every year. Following on the footsteps of the revered directors, the present generation directors devote extensive time and capital towards the well-being of the society at large. In spite of being in the business of tobacco products, which are considered to harm human health, TRDP has always advocated for a healthy society. Words have been translated into action with the company's relentless endeavor in the direction of developing health-friendly non-smoking tobacco products, to which 'Cool Lip' is the most pertinent example till date.

Our CSR activities are not a mere obligation but genuine feeling for society and its multifarious aspects. TRDP had been and will in the future relentlessly act for the betterment of the society and societal causes. We promise to work in favor of the society and urge every individual to put in their constructive & sincere endeavors towards the welfare of the society.
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