TRDP Happy World Private Limited
Joshi Chauhan, Sonipat, Haryana

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Packaging Excellence

Effective packaging is the prime component of success of every product that is marketed to a wide market. At TRDP, we ensure that our packaging is at par with the highest standards- national & international. From hygiene to visual appeal, our products are packaged in high quality pouches for customers in the national & international market segments.


Our infrastructure is geared up to manufacture Bakery Products like Rusk, Milk Rusk, Suji Rusk, Toasts and noodles that are not only at the cutting edge of taste & style but also up to national & international standards of quality & safety.

We procure only the finest quality of raw material from our associate vendors.

Our entire production process of Bakery Products like Rusk, Milk Rusk, Suji Rusk, Toasts and noodles is completely mechanized and conducted in controlled environments. Our production line consists of a indigenous conveyor system that carries the products in process throughout the production floor. The entire blending process occurs on this hygienic platform. We ensure that the products being used is at no point touched by hand and therefore we have consistently worked towards eliminating the levels of risk and contamination to the products.

We have in-house laboratories to check the quality of products & ensure uniformity of taste & aroma throughout our entire product range. A professional team of experts oversee every all aspects of procurement, production and packaging.

Every stage of the process is managed at par with the highest national & international standards. We pride ourselves on our ability to blend the traditional methods of production with modern manufacturing techniques. This unique blend has won over a new generation of customers in India and overseas.

We have consistently modernized the machinery utilized in production & streamlined our operations to achieve faster production times without any compromises on quality. From procuring of raw material to final packaging our infrastructure allows our operations to be conducted under the strictest levels of quality & safety.
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